The Campaign Flow tool gives you total control over you automated emails. It’s easy to create triggered emails and drip campaigns with the drag-and-drop interface. Business logic can be changed at any time, and you’ll never need to re-create a flow sequence. This tool is simple enough to create a welcome email yet sophisticated enough to set up a full life cycle. Whether you want to set up an abandoned cart email or an upsell program, the Campaign Flow tool has you covered.

Here’s a short sampling of the automated campaigns you can set up:

  Lead Nurturing


  Upsell program

  Re-purchase reminders

  Order Tracking and Fulfillment

  Shopping Cart Abandonments and Wish List

The Campaign Flow tool gives you the flexibility you need combined with the power you desire. You won’t be constrained like other out-of-the-box marketing automation solutions, and your campaigns can be tailored to really reflect your unique customer lifecycle journey.