By Savicom News

Leveraging the Power of your Subscriptions

There was a shampoo commercial in the 80's featuring Heather Locklear and which she tried a hair product and liked it so much, “she told two friends and they told two friends, etc.”

This demonstrates the power of leveraging your current subscribers to organically double your list. Having your own subscribers act as champions for your mailings and provide a trusted recommendation to their friends family or coworkers is a splendid way to organically grow you list.

Here are a few easy ideas that you can implement very quickly to have your active subscription list carry the heavy load of collecting new subscribers.

  Include a forwarding option in all of your email messages

  Include a share option or multiple share options in all your email messages

  Include a link to your sign-up form in all your web pages

  Include a link to your sign up form in all your social media networks

  Include a link to your sign-up form in your personal email signature

  Publish links to you opt-in form on your LinkedIn page and publish it in discussions

Remember, you subscription base degrades every year by attrition, when your contacts change jobs from one company to another, or abandons an old address that was only used to fill out forms on websites. It is your goal to make sign-up as easy as possible and continue to add fresh new contacts every year.

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